Chani Nicholas, God Damn

My creativity is an abundant well from which I draw, but like all sources it needs to be treated with respect, reverence, appreciation and given the appropriate time to refill. I am in balance with its demands. I work at establishing a healthy pace with my productivity. I know that my creativity is a gateway to my freedom. I know that through my ability to find ever expansive ways to express myself, I free up the same in folks that feel they need permission. 
All of us must grant ourselves the right to express ourselves as we are, but a little encouragement from each other is always helpful. We are an interconnected web of creative energy that counts on all its counterparts to do their part.
I encourage myself in hope that it will encourage others. When I feel alone in what I wish to express, when I feel like I couldn’t possibly find the courage to be the way I wish to be in the world, I will remember that self-expression is something that has been gifted to us all. I believe in our collective brilliance so I honor my individual duty and contribution to it.  

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